Monday, March 10, 2014

CHEF: echa-oracle cookbook update coming out soon (v1.1.0)

Update 4/8/2014: v1.1.1 is out!

Just wanted to post an announcement about the echa-oracle cookbook. There's going to be an update to version 1.1.0 soon. I've added a possibility to install Oracle Client 11.2 as well. Please, stay tuned.


  1. Undergoing testing and last changes. Mainly checking that installing the client on a node which already was bootstrapped with db works ok. Also isolating the node attributes, that if you only install the client, db attributes won't be set and vice versa. Currently testing dbcontrol setup during dbca run, so the EM console would be up after a DB creation. You can set this option on echa-oracle/attributes/default.rb , default[:oracle][:rdbms][:emconfig] = true.

  2. This is great news Ari; looking forward to the new version!

  3. Thanks - looking forward to checking this out! Beginning to look at the tasks necessary to automate Oracle RAC using chef, and glad to see that you have a collection of resrouces here!

    1. I've got plans to add Oracle RAC to the cookbook as well. First on NFS and afterwards with ASM.

  4. v1.1.0 is out! Check it from Decided to move away from ECHA GitHub organization to make development of the cookbook more open and less probe to legal issues.