Monday, July 22, 2013

CHEF: echa-oracle updated to v1.0.4, Patch 16619892 - Patch Set Update

Updated the cookbook to use the latest Oracle patch which was released on 7/16/2013, Patch 16619892 - Patch Set Update. Downloaded the new patch from and placed it to the HTTPS media site (check the cookbook for more details). At the same go decided to update the opatch version from to

Procedure itself was straight forward. Depends of course if you are overriding the default attributes from the ora_quickstart role or just using the default attributes.

1. Changed the attributes/default.rb.
default[:oracle][:rdbms][:latest_patch][:url] = 'https://secure.server.localdomain/path/to/' 
default[:oracle][:rdbms][:latest_patch][:dirname] = '16619892'
2. Changed the ora_quickstart.rb role.
name "ora_quickstart"description "Role applied to Oracle quickstart test machines."run_list 'recipe[echa-oracle]', 'recipe[echa-oracle::logrotate_alert_log]', 'recipe[echa-oracle::logrotate_listener]', 'recipe[echa-oracle::createdb]'override_attributes :oracle => {:rdbms => {:latest_patch => {:url => 'https://secure.server.localdomain/path/to/'}, :opatch_update_url => 'https://secure.server.localdomain/path/to/', :install_files => ['https://secure.server.localdomain/path/to/', 'https://secure.server.localdomain/path/to/']}}
3. Uploaded the role to Hosted Chef.
knife role from file roles/ora_quickstart.rb
4. After changing metadata.rb, and, committed & pushed to GitHub.

5. Uploaded the new cookbook v1.0.4 to Hosted Chef.
knife cookbook upload echa-oracle --freeze
6. Ran a test on EC2, which proved to be successful. (Old post, but still using the same procedure for testing - CHEF: echa-oracle v1.0.0 cookbook tests on EC2)

For further details about the cookbook check from Opscode community site at

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