Friday, August 22, 2014

CHEF: New dev progress on oracle cookbook


After the summer holidays, the oracle cookbook will undergo some major changes. With Dominique (THE co-author), we'll be streamlining the cookbook to more LWRP/HRWP style. v1.3.0 will include some tidy-up on the cookbook, but v2.0.0 will bust the bank. My personal goal is to get the grid infrastructure install and ASM disk usage incorporated to the cookbook (v1.3.0). It's one of the steps closer to the RAC. Also going to glance the patching of existing Oracle installations through (amazing) Chef installations, is on the queue. I'm also working to convert my simple ksh Oracle backup script to Ruby. This will be a circle end of the DBA work I've been doing for the past years. So, stay tuned for more from the oracle cookbook! Check the Road map on

We'll also change the documentation structure of the cookbook. The is getting way too big for the getting the relevant information for the audience, so we'll be splitting it to smaller doc files.

Br, Ari aka @dmoarir or arir on IRC